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Can I use localhost?
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I am using this repl for a test, however I want to apply it to a project. I want to know what exactly remote and local databases are. I also want to know, if someone else from another computer enters information in, and the code says to store it in localhost, can I access that. Like, when they say localhost, does that mean only I can add information to it through the web browser, or does it mean it is hosted on my computer and people can still add information to it?

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Answered by hyperupcall [earned 5 cycles]
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Localhost is an inbuilt http address that a web server on your computer can use to serve web pages/assets from. It cannot be accessed from outside your computer. Often you can use this IP address,, as well as it maps to localhost.

Read this article:

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@malvoliothegood If you look in the /etc/hosts file, you'll find that localhost is actually a DNS address defined before