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Link custom domain to using A Record

One of the things I love about is that I can connect a custom domain to by placing CNAME records in my DNS provider.

I just learned that a CNAME record cannot be used to point the root domain to In other words, If my domain is I cannot link to because is my root domain and CNAME records cannot be placed on it. I could link, but not the root domain all by itself.

I was wondering if there was any way to link my domain to using A records. Instead of pointing a domain to a subdomain using CNAME records, an A record would point my domain to a IP address. That way I could link my root domain to Additionally, I could configure email with the domain that's connected to because you cannot configure MX records and CNAME records for the same domain/subdomain. However, A records and MX records will work if put in the same domain/subdomain.

Just wondering if anyone has found a way to link a domain/subdomain from DNS provider to using A records and IP addresses instead of CNAME records.



@sportycoder18 it does, instead of putting the cname in the cname part of your dns manager, put it in the alias!


im pretty sure it wont work since repl.its ip addresses change constantly


Hello, this feature can be implemented by devs I'm sure! Click here for the feedback page