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isaiah08 (86)

Hey, I just learned ALOT of python and am looking for something new to program in. What are the best languages for:

  • Game development (2D and 3D)
  • Science
  • Websites (that actually have backend code, like Facebook)
  • Android development
  • IOS development
  • Windows development
  • Operating systems
  • Hacking (just curios!)
    If you can answer any of these questions, thank you!
Coder100 (18831)
  1. C# (unity)
  2. Python? I mean R was specifically for this
  3. Js
  4. Js
  5. Js/Swift
  6. What is a windows?? C#
  7. C/Rust
  8. Any -- coding is hacking


OscarSowerbutts (9)

Website backend: JavaScript
Windows dev: .exe? (I don't know)
IOS dev: use Xcode for macOS, free on the Mac App Store
Science: What do you mean, code 'science' ????
Hacking: perhaps JS or python??!

DynamicSquid (5022)
Game dev on web: JS library like p5.js or Kaboom.js
Game dev on mobile/PC: Unity
Backend Websites: JS or Python Flask
Android: Kotlin
IOS: Swift
Windows: C/C++
OS: Assembly and C