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how do you create a coding language?
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im very confused can some one tell me?

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Python is an interpreted language and is by far extremely slow!

I don't know how to stress this enough, a programming language written in Python is not a programming language, it is literally just text that the Python interpreter interprets and then executes it as Python code.

When you use Python, you are literally just telling the Python interpreter to look for a keyword, and once it finds that keyword do more Python code.
I suggest using Python if you want to see the outlook of your languages syntax. But if you want a fully functional programming, DO NOT use Python. Use C/C++. Python is too high-level and dynamic to create a fully functional programming language. As I have stated, it literally just interprets your "language" as Python code, meanwhile writing a language in C/C++ means you give actual meaning/functionality to each and every ideal featured in the language