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Kick users off (revoke) Multiplayer
KlaviyoEng (8)


We are working on making our coding challenges remote friendly and are excited to use!

One issue we're running into is that we can't kick off candidates from the IDE after the interview is finished. This leads to an awkward interaction where we have to ask them to close the tab after we recycled the multiplayer link.

There is an X next to user names in the multiplayer. It would be great if this would immediately kick the user out of the editor.

Happy to answer any questions!

masfrost (124)

Hey, we appreciate the feedback! Yes, this is a known issue we'll work on fixing hopefully soon.

Here's a work around (it's a total hack):
1- Open shell (ctrl+shift+s)
2- Type kill 1
3- Everyone will be kicked off and only valid users will rejoin

For future feedback please use our feedback forum This forum is more about the community

amasad (3449)

Hey @KlaviyoEng, welcome to the platform! I'll have someone take a look at that.

And, btw, we're also working on a Teams plan that will have some extra interviewing features that you might like.

Grify (169)

@amasad Will teams be enterprise only or can people like me set up teams?

amasad (3449)

@Grify the first version will be Enterprise only but then we will launch an open-source teams plan.

Grify (169)

@amasad cries in not an enterprise