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Keyboard shortcuts on repl IDE
abhisheksingh21 (2)

hello repl users ,
i dont know the keyboard shortcuts for repl IDE
can anyone give me a list of useful keyboard shortcuts to make my life easy while coding .

Answered by ArchieMaclean (926) [earned 5 cycles]
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ArchieMaclean (926)

The editor is built on Monaco, which is the same editor that VS Code is built off of.

So check out the VS Code keyboard shortcuts:

Note: Some of these commands won't work, because the browser you're using will have built in shortcuts so sometimes they will trigger different shortcuts, and has changed a couple (most notably, disabling Ctrl S (save) and changing Ctrl Enter to run repl). Test each one before you use it!

Some of the most useful I use are:
Ctrl Enter: Run repl
Ctrl Shift K: Delete current line
Ctrl Shift Enter: Add line above
Ctrl F: Search
Ctrl H: Search and Replace
Ctrl Shift P: Open quick find commands

The last option displays commands you can use and keyboard shortcuts - I don't know if this an exhaustive list or not.

For Mac, I think you should be able to swap Ctrl for Cmd and it should work, but test this as I am not a Mac user.

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ArchieMaclean (926)

@abhisheksingh21 No problem :)

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