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KaboomJS Sprite Editor help.
HarperframeInc (446)

How do I upload custom sprites? Also How do I add colors?

Coder100 (17122)

1. You can't

you either make the image using the editor or upload a png of your own. Either way, they will be automatically imported for you on run!

2. You can't

A limited palette makes better art?
Probably an oversight.
dw tga is working on making it better

SixBeeps (5067)

From the looks of it, neither of these are possible at the moment.

HarperframeInc (446)

@SixBeeps I was able to get custom sprites working, but I can't add any custom colors.

SixBeeps (5067)

@HarperframeInc Really? I'm guessing you somehow converted an image to .kbmsprite

EDIT: Or, y'know, Kaboom can just natively support common image formats.