How do I make it so that there is a developer mode?

I was wondering if there was a way in Python to make it so if I pressed a button it would allow you to type in which section you wanted to go to in my game. For instance, if I had a section called BossFight(), I would want to be able to press 7 on my keyboard and it would say "Where would you want to go?" and I would type that section and it would play that section. Bit of a long shot but wondering if I could make it happen

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Answered by Bookie0 [earned 5 cycles]
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@Jrb12 well just add go = getch.getch() where you want the user to be able to change to dev mode. And by orange arrow, do you mean this?

You won't be able to make it appear, but you can copy paste it and add it in a print statement I guess.