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Join my team?
ArtyEevee (10)

Please join my team if u like python plz comment i will invite PLEEEZE

IMayBeMe (614)

I know a good bit of python as well as some other language so I might be interested in joining. What exactly is the team going to be programming?

kannibalistic (193)

@ArtyEevee i joined but ill mostly be online in my own team if YOU want to join

kannibalistic (193)

@ArtyEevee you have to meet the terms of service too theres a rulebook in the team

ArtyEevee (10)

@Yimmee i think my sister changed it? I don't remember calling it that

Yimmee (10)

@ArtyEevee oh i thought you were saying that your team is dead

ArtyEevee (10)

@Yimmee nah it sounds like something she would do.

ArtyEevee (10)

@Yimmee she also keeps destroying my Mii so i have to make a new one so