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JavaScript Calculator
cesairetalom (1)

I'm currently trying to build a calculator project using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I'm using a video (link: to follow along. I finished the HTML and CSS sections but for some reason, the console doesn't show the entire CSS output. I looked through my CSS code for any mistakes multiple times but it looks like I followed everything as was in the video. I was wondering if I could receive any help on the CSS, I genuinely don't understand what the errors are. with the CSS.

JustARatherRidi (214)

Hey, what makes you think there's an error in your CSS?

cesairetalom (1)

@JustARatherRidi Thanks for replying. I actually already got help from someone else. Apparently, for all this:

<div id="calc-btn calc-btn-num column" id="calc-one">1</div> <div id="calc-btn calc-btn-num column" id="calc-two">2</div> <div id="calc-btn calc-btn-num column" id="calc-three">3</div> <div id="calc-btn calc-btn-operator column" id="calc-plus">+</div> </div>

I had to change "div id" to "div class" as an id shouldn't be used for two of the same elements. It ended up working and I got the entire calculator to show up. Thanks anyway.

JustARatherRidi (214)

@cesairetalom Nice, glad you could get it fixed! ^^