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Java Swing BASH Error: xset command not found
JasonSidell (1)

I'm trying to run a JavaSwing project and getting the following error:
bash -c xset q && DISPLAY=:0 run-project
bash: xset: command not found

Here's the project link:

I just used the example code provided by

Answered by programmeruser (571) [earned 5 cycles]
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JasonSidell (1)

After further research it seems that the Ubuntu VM in is missing a package needed for this to run. I have tried to install the package myself using apt-get install x11-xserver-utils but we don't have root access.
Is this something the devs need to fix or is there a way to install packages in our personal vm?

programmeruser (571)

@JasonSidell try install-pkg x11-xserver-utils. I tested it out and it seems to work fine.

programmeruser (571)

@JasonSidell I have reported this to bugs and it seems like they have fixed this problem now.