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How to use CGI in a web server on Repl
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This isn't associated with any specific programming language, although I'm planning to use C++ with CGI, if you care to know.

Is it possible to use CGI on a web server on If so, how? Can anyone set up a basic example? My major problem is that I don't know how to do this on, as opposed to my personal computer, although, I've yet to do this at all.

Is this possible using a NodeJS Repl?

I have found a Node JS CGI extension, but it uses JavaScript, so it's not just running an executable. Thus it was as useful as EJS, if not less.

I was going to attempt to eventually create a C++ server, would it be possible to do this without going though an extreme amount of work?

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preference or not, you are REALLY better off using javascript or some other higher-level backend language(maybe one that supports true multithreading?) instead of C++

Also from what im reading on CGI, it can be slower than just doing it without CGI. As the server has to make new processes for the programs