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[JAVA] Importing external build tools
GamerCoder215 (1)

So I've gotten into Java, making a lot of projects. How would you import custom build tools inside the REPL (if it is possible)?

I've found this post, but it doesn't really help and looks incomplete.

For Example:

Help is appreciated

Answered by CodeMaster007 (109) [earned 5 cycles]
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CodeMaster007 (109)

Hey! If you want to import something into java on repl, then you do it the same exact way you would do it on a regular java console. Its pretty amazing.

GamerCoder215 (1)

I've never used the regular console to import build tools since I just use Eclipse, but you can tell me or show me a video on how to do it.

GamerCoder215 (1)

I read over it, I couldn't find anything relating to importing packages from .jar files. Do you have anything different?

EpicGamer007 (1735)

@GamerCoder215 All you have to do is supply a classpath if you use external jars.