"assert" built in function not there?

Hey, this program seems to not acknowledge things my instructor told me should be there. Mainly "assert", but there's also std::bitset too.
I've heard about this website's c++ not being as up to date as it could be, and I've also heard explanations involving internal filepaths, but neither of those things are in my control on here.
What do I do?

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I've just verified that assert works: https://replit.com/@SixBeeps/assert#main.cpp

I'm not the most familiar with C++, but it looks like you need to #include <bitset> to use std::bitset. That's how I solved the assert thing, I included cassert at the top of my code.


@SixBeeps I've tried to include cassert before but it didn't seem to work for some reason... but I can try again