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It says an issue with the bracket in this repl.
Kek24theKreator (0)

I am very knew to repl and py. My question here is that in line 19. it says that there's an issue with the bracket. According to me, i have done everything right. But I need help as this is not working. I just want to create a Discord bot, and in Line 19 I want it to Respond with a message on a particular command.

this is how it looks like.

FloCal35 (670)

The way your code is, there is nothing for thi if statement to run. I think this can be fixed by indenting the await one to the right.

Kek24theKreator (0)

@FloCal35 thanks i had figured out my mistake

Kek24theKreator (0)

The question has been answered

R2D2VaderBeef (8)

You haven't done the If syntax correctly, look up some examples.