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Issues with sqlite

I've been working on a python code for several weeks. Sqlite was working fine until about 4 days ago, now when sqlite is accessed if malforms.

I've back out to known working versions of the code.
I've checked package version to ensure updates haven't caused it.
Everything is the same as it has been for weeks.

Did Replit make any changes from 4 days ago that would effect sqlite?


Ok so, SQLite doesn't work on Because of the way repls reset data, a lot of your data will get cleared every time it runs. Id recommend using the built in database API or a cloud storage one such as mongoDB.


@NoelB33 Thanks for the reply. But just to reiterate, SQLite worked fine for weeks and it's not about data being lost, if I do a select only statement -- the database becomes malformed.


Yeah, that’s because your running it in your own account. @Chas2002

If you go into the external terminal or if you run it outside of the IDE everything will break in your database. For your issue, I have no clue, but seriously, don’t use sql on