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Issue with anonymous access in FreeCodeCamp Certification Projects

Hi, I was having a problem with that I don't really know how to fix or search for a fix.

I completed API and Quality Assurance Certificates (from FCC) on my own Repls, they ran just fine and I got all tests to pass and got my certificates.

Now when I try to access the repl link as an anon user, either logged out or from an incognito browser, the call to run doesn't get any response, I get 502 on console, so it's some problem with routing, but I don't really know how it works since I've been doing everything logged in and running the server with the button. This only happens on some of them, which is what confused me.

APIs and Microservices Certificate

From that certificate, the first one doesn't work, doesn't wake up going to the solution, and also doesn't load when you click run on the source, but all the other 4 do automatically wake up from the solution and run on the source.

Quality Assurance Certification

From this one none of them works.

If anyone knows anything about this and can help out it would be much appreciated, I'm having trouble finding sources and help regarding this.