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Issue Creating the Patch File
BenjaminxBauer (5)

Hi, just finished module 1 and am having an issue making the patch file. I went through the following steps with no issue:
import os
cd jpm_module_1
git add -A
git commit -m 'Create Patch File'
git format-patch -1 HEAD
mv 0001-Create-Patch-File.path ../.
However after I use the mv command the patch file does not show up on my sidebar and was not in the jpm_module_1 folder at all from what I could see. Thanks

titianavarca (0)

Hi I am trying to make the patchfile but for some reason, this comes up: mv: missing destination file operand after '0001-Create-Patch-File.patch'. Does anyone know what to do?

VikasShukla1 (0)

mv <name of patch created> ../.

what I have to write in place of <name of patch created>

fread97 (0)

I'm experiencing the same thing unfortunately. Wish I had more info on how to fix it

BenjaminxBauer (5)

@fread97 I was able to create the patch file using the Python 3 Repl. I initially was using the 2 version. Maybe try a different version?