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Is this way of keeping my repl alive alright?
RFL890 (0)

Basically what I'm doing is creating a webserver for my repl and then telling axios to HTTP GET it every 15 seconds using setIncrement(), thus http activity to the repl and it'll stay alive. If you want my code, here it is: (yes i made a package, just to fiddle around with npm, check the git repo.)

Answered by HackermonDev (2074) [earned 5 cycles]
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HackermonDev (2074)

Use the new always on feature or use a pinger to keep pinging your repls.

You can use this created by @mat1

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@HackermonDev Yes, the pinger worked! Thanks for the answer.

QuickV (126)

Is it possible to UNping a repl afterwards .-. @HackermonDev

HackermonDev (2074)

@QuickV uh i don't think so, you can ask @mat1 to remove your repl from the pinger

QuickV (126)

Ah, I haven't added it yet, I was just asking if it's possible lol. @HackermonDev

QuickV (126)

Also random question: What's the "detective" thingy on mat1's profile .-. @HackermonDev

HackermonDev (2074)

@QuickV On the replit newsletter they used to add puzzles and if you completed them you would get that badge.

Coder100 (18915)

No, you can't just have the repl ping itself, you have to use something like uptimerobot to ping it.


@Coder100 I have no idea what @Coder100 is saying but OK I think he's right

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I don't get it. It's a status 200, what's the problem? @Coder100