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Is there workaround to install problematic package?

Hi all,

I am writing simple trading bot in python and can't install CCXT library due to the error:

I did try to install cryptography on it's own, but with same result. Is there anything I can do, or replit is not for me?


It's getting even "funnier" right now, as it seems some dependencies were removed and I can't install any other package due to missing requests package... which can't be installed as well...


@tomasztarnowski I figured out how to fix this, please see my instructions for how I fixed it in my build:

OK, so things seem to be squirrely here and this is how I finally got my tests to work in this environment:

I followed the instructions for cryptography to install it on a Linux distro. Replit appears to be using Ubuntu 18.04, so here is what I did:

After those packages are installed, I ran the following:

pip install cryptography --no-binary cryptography

This now works; now I just needed to get around Poetry because it kept trying to re-install Crytography with the packages of it's choice, but I need it to use no-binary, so here is how I got around that:

Now, I just need to avoid using the Run button, and instead run my tests from the shell as follow:

I hope this helps anyone else trying to install Crypography in Replit. It took me several hours to sort this out.



@pzula , thanks for the huge effort here! It solved an issue for a moment, but now it happens frequently when I just open the project. Making all those steps over and over is very dull and problematic :(