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Is there a way to paste to the shell what's in my clipboard?
lopecg (1)


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Scoder12 (839)

You can just right click on the terminal and select paste.

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abc3354 (225)

Hi !
If you do not want to use the context menu, there are keyboard shortcuts
Use ctrl-inser to copy and shift-inser to paste

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WhoCares3 (0)

@abc3354 wow, how did you discover this?

abc3354 (225)

@WhoCares3 I think I asked on the discord server

TieDyeKatz (1)

I am not too sure how you would input CTRL+V or CMD+V in a shell directly in Bash unless Readline is available for it (It's not unless you are using a Linux server). Otherwise, it will only do ^V as one character. If you know NodeJS, you can use the var readline = require('readline-sync') command to install Readline, and then by using the var <variablename> = readline.question("<yourquestion>") command, then you can paste directly.