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Is there a way to make the editor go fullscreen.

It helps a lot if we can make the editor fullscreen, especially when we need to focus on coding only. Is it possible to do so in our repls?

hayaodeh (199)

This is a good feedback, something to add on our new workspace

amasad (3537)

You can expand the editor all the way until the console is collapsed, but there is no way to get read of the header right now.

amasad (3537)

@OwenBradstreet this is actually the first time I hear this request. We'll be doing a lot of visual updates soon (including a dark theme) which will improve focus.

But if a fullscreen esitor is useful we can look into it.


@amasad Yes, this feature would be extremely useful. Can we expect this feature to be added?

MrKasprzak (1)

I use Repl to teach Python to a grade 10 class and being able to hide the header would be great. It makes it easier for students at the back of the class to see my screen. Without a header, I can enlarge the screen more. @amasad