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Is there a way to keep a repl running constantly?
SpaceFire (124)

For a project i need to have replit running constantly. Is this acchievable? and how? This means its still on even if i close my laptop

CoolJames1610 (767)

For my Discord Bot, I use Flask and UpTimeRobot to keep the bot alive

Jakeyboi (0)

@CoolJames1610 I use UpTimeRobot, but the bot keeps forgetting other commands from other Repls.

MarblesAndMore (61)

I don't know if this is helpful but nothing can run while a computer is asleep or shut down, the only way is to keep it open and try and find a way so it doesn't sleep.

JeswinSunsi (31)

@MarblesAndMore You sure abt that? Can't you just use something like UpTimeRobot to keep your server from sleeping?

MarblesAndMore (61)

@JeswinSunsi Well I don't think I can get that on my computer so I was only really talking from experience I guess

JeswinSunsi (31)

@MarblesAndMore Tbh u can, I just set it up. Go to uptimerobot, make a new monitor, set it to ping your repl server every five minutes.

RahulPlays (0)

@JeswinSunsi Ping ?? or http ?? I saw in the article that they use http

ravishersingh1 (2)

@MarblesAndMore This has been changed. you can run it 24/7 live. hosted in cloud in