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Is there a way to convert scratch code to python?
BrendanD10 (4)

Hey! I did a scratch project for school but now my teacher is wanting me to find a converter that will convert scratch to python but so far, no luck whatsoever. Can someone help me?


i think it's only available with js.

BrendanD10 (4)

@RYANTADIPARTHI I have tried a website called Leopard but it was so broken. It sucked in Java and Python is the only PL I understand. Anywho, Ill keep looking ty


@BrendanD10 no problem. Click check mark please.

OmN3xin (50)

Python is a command line language, python is more of a backend(server) language. You cannot really convert it to python. You can convert to JavaScript. But python is not really a graphics language, you can do stuff like create an opengl window, but I would aim for a JavaScript converter which there is.

BrendanD10 (4)

@OmN3xin Ill have to look into that thanks