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Is there a file size limit to repls?
RogerCronin1 (11)

I'm thinking about porting my website from its current host to I currently have to keep it under 5 GB if I want hosting to stay free, but I'm under 3 GB at the moment so I'll be fine for a while. If I ever get over this limit, I'll want to switch to a different provider. If repls don't have file sizes then it would be perfect. Can anyone help?

smuppana060 (21)

As far as I know, files don't have limits, but the repl does. With a free account the limit is 400MB.

Dante_Morrison (5)

@smuppana060 it that 400mb for individual files or for how much your repl can have stored on it?

smuppana060 (21)

@Dante_Morrison If I remember correctly, it's the limit for the whole repl.

rila (1)

#Limits of repls.
With a free account, the limit is 500MB.
With hacker, the limit is 5GB.
Teams doesn't really have a limit.

Jeffplays2005 (2)

@rila Does that mean the total amount of repl data or how much data in each repl, my hackers gonna expire soon...