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Is the console output of a public repl also public?
MarcioLevy (0)

The title pretty much says it all, I know that the source code is public, but is the console output also visible to everyone?

Answered by VulcanWM (3097) [earned 5 cycles]
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MarcioLevy (0)

@VulcanWM where can you see it? The project i'm talking about is a nodejs one, so, if I open my repl URL in icognito mode, the only thing I can see is the "Output" (the html, the same as I would see going to the * URL), and "Code", which only shows the source itself, not the console

VulcanWM (3097)

if the repl has some kind of web server then you can't
but if the repl is supposed to show console then you can @MarcioLevy

MarcioLevy (0)

I see, thanks for the answer