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Is the "Hacker Plan" worth it?

I'm wondering if the hacker plan is worth it because I want to take this repl to the next level. Please tell me, I'm considering buying it.

Answered by Bookie0 [earned 5 cycles]
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Ok so personally I have hacker (got gifted) but my experience is kinda the same as previously. as you can see, you get much more storage and more memory, but isnt really enforcing those limits of the basic plan.

The hacker plan also comes with offline repls (no wifi needed I think) and always on repls meaning you can "host anything and keep it running". However those features are coming soon.

you also have private repls, great for servers to hide stuff or for keeping a project secret. Thats a cool feature.

and finally you have faster CPU but tbh i dont seen much difference. maybe when my plan ends I will see the difference lol.

So lets review it (in my opinion):

private repls: great
50 GB storage: not much use, less great
4x memory: not much use, less great
offline repls: coming soon, so nothing can be said
always on repls: coming soon, so nothing can be said

and everything for $5!

Score: average worth it. Could be better.
(no offence at all meant to :D)
so ofc all these things dont do anything bad; you can only code in a better atmosphere if you get the plan.

alright, I said my part, now its up to you to decide! :)

any questions contact email [email protected]


@Bookie0 Hi wassup... that must be a nice person if they gifted you it


I guess it depends on your budget. I mean if someone is sparing every penny they had, to make ends meet, replit would have to be really important - working on a project that'd make a big difference, or for work.

But if an extra $5 a month doesn't phase you, sure :)


It really depends on what you want to do with it.
Since you're running an HTML Repl, you'd be missing out on the memory and speed aspects of the Hacker plan. Also, always-online and private Repls would be kinda pointless for your case.
The only way I could see you benefiting is if suddenly enforces the space limitations, but then again that's not expected to happen for a while.
(Or if you wanted to be a good person and do stuff with a server-side architecture)


Yeah, it's worth it, you get always-online!! And a shiny new badge ;)


You get always-online ? What? @Coder100


What do you mean by always-online ? @Coder100


your projects are always-online smh @JosephSanthosh


smh couldn't understand you. @Coder100


I think it is totally worth it