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Is down?
M03484 (7)

Tried to load a program but doesnt work. keeps outputting failed to connect. retrying errors

Samantha2021 (1)

Repl isn't allowing me to open a new repl using the javascript code and I'm in classsssssss!

BlueComet (116)

Some times it is some times it isn't

weeklyd3 (0)

Try waiting around 30 minutes for the server to cool down. Once, I uploaded the entire phpBB source code, and it was stuck at "Failed to Connect, Retrying". Waiting for a while solved it for me.

yanvovk (0)

same with all of my repls

AdrianJoooo (0)

Same here. I can't get any repls to load.
Here is an example. It's just stuck there.

IvanShum (0)

Same here. It just keep loading and pop up "Failed to connect, retrying
" at lower right hand corner.

Vandesm14 (2737)

Can you provide the link to your repl?