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15louisamayb (6)

None of my codes will run and seem to keep receiving error 404

Answered by themaka (187) [earned 5 cycles]
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themaka (187)

I just ran a few of mine with no issues. Can you give us an example of a repl URL that isn't working?

15louisamayb (6)

@themaka sure,
is a literal one I made for when I came into problems but never seen a problem this bad with mine. The code is only:
print("hello world")

15louisamayb (6)

@themaka not sure if you meant this one or the other one

themaka (187)

@15louisamayb Both of those worked for me. What do you see when you go to those links?

Try clearing your web browser's cache.

KiKUP (47)

@15louisamayb @themaka Restarting my computer worked for me. I had the same problem a while back.

Sithutun2 (0)