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Is python worth learning?

I'm not interested, at the moment, in web languages like javascript html css and so on. And I do know python is used on websites like youtube for example. But for someone like me that's more into OOP. I code in c++ but I started off learning python and eventually dropped it once I realized how it just isn't what I'm looking for. Basically, for someone like me that likes more of a computer programming side of things and not web is python useful for that? Or is python just useful to know on off hand scenarios? And when I say I started off learning python. I didn't get very far and I only learned it for pygame. Hope this question wasn't too confusing.

Answered by PaoloAmoroso [earned 5 cycles]
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Although Python is often mentioned in the context of web development, as @amasad noted it's a general purpose language and it can be used in countless other domains.

To me the main reason why it's worth learning Python is it allows interactive development, i.e. the style enabled and encouraged by If you're used to traditional compiled languages and workflows such an interactive style feels empowering, liberating, and fun. You can build a system almost as fast as you can think it.


yep I learn python it is so fun and the simplest coding language and I would recommend it for beginners.




Just check the statistics about Python.


you should


i suggest learning here


I like python and I am learning python!


Python is definitely worth learning, because some of the worlds major companies like Google and FaceBook, use Python. It has a simple syntax and wide module availability, since making modules in Python is simple because of its 200+ builtin modules. Publishing modules at is extremely simple. You can use other's modules from there too. Some of the biggest modules are Google Tensorflow, Speech and Face recognition, Numpy and Pandas.


@vismodo also you can edit and create C code, too!


What is the best programming language to learn as a beginner?


I’d say it is worth learning, because if you can code in C++, Python would be pretty easy to learn, and it’s simple


@YuAndy You're right


@YuAndy Agreed. It's also very useful for scripting.


Python can do anything but moderately bad. In my opinion it is worth learning


Python can be useful if you have the right project. For example, say you want to sort some things.


@ArmedWithStew yeah, in general: math, science, and interacting with a bit of data, but not too much data


python is worth learning because it allows for code to be created extremly quickly, such as when in math class everytime i need to do a lot of calculations using a few formulas i just code up a new calc for them. in my experience with python it is not thought of as a web tool. i use it for little things like calculators, forms, countdowns, even 3d games can be accompished with enough work


I do enjoy using python as its simple and can be used to do diffrent things .Agree with what amasad said but some other languages can do things python cant .Best to know some simple ones and not only one.


I think Python is a good programming language to learn for a few reasons:

  • it's a pretty straight forward language to learn and doesn't have a lot of edge cases like JavaScript
  • its a general purpose programming language. While every language claims this, it's not true of every language but it's true of python. People used for Machine Learning, web dev, games, desktop apps,etc etc
  • there's a lot of resources to learn Python and a big community of programmers.

@amasad Thank you. I do have an interest in AI and I do get redirected to python alot. Luckily I already know a bit of the syntax and the basics.


Look at CleverProgramer on youtube. He makes a lot of videos about Python and yes, Python is one of the best programming languages and one of the most payed. I code in python. It has simple syntax and it's very useful.


@davidpython3 Thank you. I'll look him up. I do enjoy the simple syntax. I just need to get used to no curly brace {} That's a major difference for me. Besides having ever statement ending with :


@davidpython3 why don't people just learn python and be like:
yay i be havin bux