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Is it repl-it or rep-lit?
catspython (27)

How do YOU say it? How controversial do you think this is?
answer in the comments.
edit: This is NOT because I don't know, it is because I want to see OPINIONS.

Coder100 (17144)

officially it is rep lit

however, due to the era of many people call it repl it


catspython (27)

@Coder100 Ah, someone even more popular then bookie... 0

catspython (27)

@Chocolate16 wat, do you mean rep-lit?

catspython (27)

@Chocolate16 you didn't say much, i argee with repl it

catspython (27)

repl it, I am very firm about this, I don't care if the mods say it's rep-lit, so the rep-l part of rep-lit stands for read,eval,print, loop? can't be.