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Is it possible to stop the automatic package configuration?
romulushill (1)

I want to stop it happening because it happens so often that it keeps stopping my repl. Please let me know if its possible!

Answered by Andy_4sberg (54) [earned 5 cycles]
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Andy_4sberg (54)

If you get the packages as files (upload them to and import them through their file names, yes.

RhinoRunner (866)

Once it starts downloading/updating a package, you cannot stop it. If you accidentally downloaded a package that you don't want, you can go to the packages on the left, and search and find the package, then undo it.

SixBeeps (5225)

Not entirely sure what you mean. Could you send either the Repl or a screenshot of it?

romulushill (1)

SixBeeps I cant send a screenshot because its gone, but when you have a repl, after some time it will suddenly say in the console automatic package configuration, and it will sort of update all your packages then allow you to press start again! This is great but it stops the repl whilst it does this, so I dont want it to do that. How do I prevent the repl automatically updating its packages?

SixBeeps (5225)

@romulushill I can't really say because I've never had that happen to me before, but it could be assigning you a new Runner instance for whatever reason. Usually they keep packages relatively inline and untouched.

Voxylem (0)

@romulushill did you find how to do it ?