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Is github worse than
zaydi (10)

So more people use GitHub but is better. Because GitHub is sharing code and files easily u can do that on with talk and multiplayer. Is it true

SixBeeps (5223)

"Is Minecraft just a worse version of Roblox? Minecraft involves building with blocks but you can do that with Roblox easier."

See where this is going?

ch1ck3n (2078)

@SixBeeps but roblox bad minecraft good

Bookie0 (6297)

They are different. And you can't really share code and files that easily on Also, iirc, you can't run or execute code on Github, but you can on Combined, they are a good tool; you can connect to your github account and run your repos.


They are very different things. REPL.IT has a smaller amount of users but I personally like it more. Many people use github, but if you are using REPL.IT and want to use github too then you can use the built in github integration tool.

robowolf (549)

Github is mainly used for deployment, file collaboration, and is compatible with almost everything considering code. Repl just runs the code. BTW, Github isn't just code/file sharing.


@robowolf Yes github doesn't run your code it only stores it, kinda like cloud storage. But runs it which is a plus.

Coder100 (18207)

They are not the same thing,
Replit is used to host and run code, GitHub is for people to collaborate code.

GitHub is meant for you to put your code somewhere safe, and ofc, use git to interact with it. Don't code with it!!

zaydi (10)

I'm just confused watevs @Coder100

realTronsi (926)

@Coder100 github is for version control

Coder100 (18207)

Well if ur confused just use replit ® @zaydi

zaydi (10)


notGilbert (121)

@zaydi for people to share code to literally everyone, it uses git so people can track, revert, and commit to version history

notGilbert (121)

@notGilbert so if there's an issue on any open source project (like React, or Nodejs) and the person knows how to fix it, they fix it and submit a pull request.

The pull requests can be viewed by the repository contributors, which can approve or throw away the changes made