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Is Replit Database a good option?

I have a Discord bot. My users in Discord can earn points by making commands and I used to store those points in a JSON file in the replit project.

I had a problem with that file, in a moment the content was retored to a old version of like 5 hours before.

Definitely I will stop using a file to store user's data, I'm thinking in the replit database but here is my question:

Did anyone have a problem like that with replit database?

Can I be 100% that the content of variables will be not erased or changed if I don't modify them manually?

I use node.js

  1. it is as reliable as the replit website itself, so you can't verify 100% data protection, replit isn't 100%, but its better than using file storage.

  2. the only problem is with keys, theer's an error with setting it with multilines, but its not like anyone needs that.

  3. that's it


replit db is pretty good, but does sometimes wipe the data and personally, I've found that it isn't very good for things like discord bots and such, but then I haven't used it in a while so they may have updated it.
Personally, I use mongodb a lot.


Yes repl db is perfect for your type of project and it is great for securely storing your data. I 100% recommend