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Intellisense not working
JC1994 (5)

Hi, I have auto complete Enabled, but if I type in div, or link for example, I have to type out the whole tag - it does not come up with an automatic option for completion making it longer to type out the code - how do I fix it???

JC1994 (5)

Oh I see. I am used to using a platform that is much quicker and assumed this would be the same. I was able to simply type the word 'div' and other words such as 'link' and press tab and the opening and closing tags would generate with all boiler plate code within the 'link' tag. You could even press a full stop and then tab and it would generate a div tag with a class set to blank ready to be filled in!

AdCharity (1317)

? this doesn't popup for you? Repl automatically does that, no settings need to be enabled.

malvoliothegood (851)

In Settings (left hand column, click the gear icon) have you got code intelligence enabled? Also, you need to type the left angle bracket of the tag you want to close before the context menu giving choices will appear.