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Installing the desktop app
alphakid381 (10)

I searched the app store all over for the desktop app, typing in "" and so on, but nothing came up, do you know how to get the desktop application on a macbook air?

ash15khng (723)

There aren't any official desktop apps, but if you want something similar I think VS Code is quite similar.

SixBeeps (5334)

It's not a desktop application, it's a web service. Everything's online :)

alphakid381 (10)

not exactly, you can get an unofficial desktop app for it @SixBeeps

alphakid381 (10)

I found an unofficial desktop app for, you need npm, git and the terminal to do this, since I am using a macbook air, and I have catilina, I need to go to github and install the installer wizard software, after install, I now have a desktop app of and don't need to open the web browser anymore