Any way to reboot a Repl?

When more than one person tries to run a Repl, it's like the project freezes and it can't be run any longer. Anyone know a way to completely "reboot" a Repl shared by other people?

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In the bottom left corner of the ide screen, you can see a little icon shaped like a circle with a question mark in it. If you click on that icon, a little menu will appear. Type the word “shell” in and an option called “open shell” or somthing will appear. Click it. Once you have this shell, type in the command "busybox reboot"; this should reboot your repl. Occasionally the normal ide terminal is also a repl. You can type the command in there instead and it should work(it might not tho because the terminal might be a python repl instead of a bash repl) @MelissaVuong2