Why doesn't modern Compilers supports code written in TurboC++

I wrote this code 1year back on TurboC++, it still works fine on TurboC++ compiler but tons of error on modern compilers , even here on . What are the changes in code in these , can someone debug it / help........

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Answered by SixBeeps [earned 5 cycles]
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In the Repl you linked, the code is referencing a library named graphics.h which appears to be something only included with TurboC. The issue wouldn't be with the language itself, but rather the things that it came with that aren't on any other compiler.

I doubt that you'd be able to run TurboC or TurboC++ code on here, since those ran on various Microsoft OS's, and Replit runs on Linux. Nobody appears to have compiled it for Nix either, so your best bet would be to set up TurboC++ on a virtual machine and run them there.


@SixBeeps Thanks a lot, but i'm unaware how to download virtual machine on mac .