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I'm making a discord bot, how do I make it run infinitely without turning off?
Pb103938 (0)

looking for a way to make it run infinitely, please help.

Answered by cannonthepom123 (16) [earned 5 cycles]
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cannonthepom123 (16)
  1. create a https server for it and copy the url
  2. go to uptime robot
  3. create an account
  4. create a monitor
  5. the rest is self explainitory (set the URL as the server URL from step one
IMayBeMe (346)

Use uptime robot to ping the bot every few minutes

Pb103938 (0)

@IMayBeMe I do, but I'm not online often enough to turn it on every 5 minutes. is there a way to use uptime robot to turn it on?

IMayBeMe (346)

@Pb103938 Yeah that's to point of uptime robot, it pings the repl every 5 min and keeps it running. Your other option is to buy hacker plan and use always-on repls.