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If/else if/elif syntax error
XplosionCoding (7)

How do you add a string from a previous input command into an if statement without any errors? i think i have tried everything but nothing has worked.

Answered by Codejira (173) [earned 5 cycles]
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Codejira (173)

I don't know if I understand your question, but you can simplify your program beyond recognition :-)
Functions aren't necessary then.

result = 0
while True:
    operation = input("add sub mul or div?")
    operand = float(input("What number? "))  # allow decimals
    if operation == "add":
        result += operand
    # ditto for other operations
    elif operation == "exit":
    # and good practice is:
        print("Bad input!")

Note that the statement to exit a loop is break.

XplosionCoding (7)

@Codejira i just realized what i did wrong with your code. Thank you