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If you are a Star Wars Fan, What’s your favorite character!!!
LuckyOreos (203)

And also please give me ideas for a new Star Wars Repl.

GhostKingNico (10)

i am a star wars fan and my fave character is anakin(bfore Darth Vader) coz hes hot


wdym by ideas? like this?

  • star wars game
  • animation
LuckyOreos (203)

@RYANTADIPARTHI yeah I might do a animation

LuckyOreos (203)

@RYANTADIPARTHI what are cycles I still check marked u ok got it I didn’t think they were called cycles so yeah


@DarthVader29 cycles are the numbers by your name. you get 5 for answering someone, 1 if you click the up arrow. or someone clicks for your project. They're useless.