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Ideas for an API
Chiroyce (4)

So I've learn quite a bit of stuff related to HTTP servers and Python (thanks replit). I've mainly used Flask for this. So do you have any ideas for an API I could make that may benefit me or anyone else? I have absolutely no ideas at the moment ... so I'd appreciate if you came up with some ideas 😀

Also, should I be using Django OR flask, and why?

VulcanWM (2875)

Django is less hackable but it's more complex.
Flask is easier but more hackable.
I personally use Flask for the easiness and haven't been hacked so...

CSharpIsGud (1070)

@VulcanWM Whether something is hackable is generally your choice. If something is hackable its usually the framework user that made a mistake, of course flask runs in debug mode by default, which you will want to turn off for security.

Chiroyce (4)

@CSharpIsGud OK so debug should be off, and I'm good right?