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dfnk (75)

I was wondering how to put a icon in the title before the title name?

Answered by ash15khng (723) [earned 5 cycles]
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ash15khng (723)

1) Add an icon called favicon.ico in your repl.
2) Put <link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico> in your <head> tag.
It should work after this but you need to get a small image for it to work.

dfnk (75)

@ash15khng Do you know a different way?

ash15khng (723)

@dfnk I don't know if there is but this way should work fine?

aflacc (9)

this my question too! let me know if you get a working answer!

dfnk (75)

@aflacc Yup I was looking for a way that was different then the one on your post and Should I let you now if I find it on your post[I will let you now in the comments]?

dfnk (75)

@medcho like in the pic of the icone is near in the title in the tab