Why is everyone making Python tutorials
elipie (364)

ok i kinda get it... they are good at the language and they want to show others how good they are at the language. Oh and sometimes help people out

but fr, most of us(all of us) know python so well we could teach a two year old... and its just clogging up the tutorial suggestion and blocking it from tutorials people actually need.

Some of you might say: "Oh well it helps the people who are just joining"

But again, really? A lot of people are join from schools that already have classes, or if they aren't, there are millions of sorry for this better tutorials out there, no offense.

I mean sure, some tutorials contain something that you originally didn't know, but, you would learn if you keep coding and coding and coding.

Sorry for rant, just wanted to ask this

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AmazingMech2418 (1039)

@IMayBeMe Why would someone switch to Python? I'd rather switch from it...