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"IDE is having problems" Reload doesn't fix.
rediar (520)

Some of my repls always have this error message. Reloading or clearing cache does not fix. What's going on??

InvisibleOne (2990)

That happens every now an again, I think it's due to scaling issues with replit that they are working on fixing. A few things you can try are:
Refresh and clear cache like you did
Try a different browser
Restart your browser
Logout of replit and log back in.

and if none of that works, then there isn't really anything else to do other than just wait for fifteen minutes or so and try again.

rediar (520)

@InvisibleOne It's been going on for a couple weeks, have tried it all.

InvisibleOne (2990)

Have you tried forking the repl? If it hasn't been working for a while you should report it to bugs if you haven't already. @rediar