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I would like to display curriculum within the IDE so students don't have to tile/switch windows
bendavis (3)

I suppose this is more of a feature request, but one of the biggest hassles with using for teaching is that students have to switch back-and-forth between our lesson webpage and the IDE. Either that or they have to tile windows, which creates a very cramped screen, and it is very difficult teaching younger students to manage tiled windows.

I've seen suggestions to use markdown, but this is still not a good option, as our lessons have interactive components to them, so they need to be on a hosted page.

Ideally we would like to have the lesson webpage pulled up in place of the preview on the right. This would be the most logical place for it, because when you're coding you want to see the lesson while you're typing code. But when you're ready to preview, you can replace the lesson with the preview.

The right-side pane could have a tab button for switching between preview and "documentation". VSCode already has this UI paradigm in the side panes where you can switch tabs. Right now, only has tabs on the left side-pane.

The URL that is loaded could be configurable in classroom settings.

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Coder100 (16901)

Yeah, that would be very useful, and in fact, these suggestions as we call them live here:, not in the ask section.