What advice would you give to someone new to coding?
katyadee (1302)

In the spirit of our new ask features...

  • What advice would you give to a newbie?
  • And what advice do you wish someone had given you?
  • What advice would you give me, personally?
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eankeen (2245)

I wish someone told me to manage my time better when I started out. It can get addicting at times and cause some inefficient coding habits if your'e not careful. For advice, I'd recommend not being afraid to try something new, even if it's completely unfamiliar.

katyadee (1302)

@eankeen That's interesting! What do you mean by time management?

katyadee (1302)

@eankeen Did inefficient habits hold you back?

eankeen (2245)

@katyadee Yeah, last summer I developed a habit of staying up later and later to complete features. At first I slept in, but when I started setting alarms for early in the morning, I got really sleep deprived. I was literally living the meme of code, eat, and sleep for a week or so before I snapped out of it. So yah that's when I realized setting deadlines is important, like deadlines of when to actually stop coding, or deadlines to complete certain features. And learning when to just stop coding and take a break.

a5rocks (834)

@eankeen lol i just try to wake up earlier to finish features while I can think. (though I normally just stay up later instead of waking up earlier.)