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I was thinking of something

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I am thinking of making a collection of quizzes. But I don't know whether I should make an easy and a hard quiz, or a normal and a hard quiz. Write your comments down, and I'll see to make it that way. It'll probably be coming at the end of Thanksgiving week. If it doesn't it might be sooner or a bit later. Reply to this please. Thanks in advance!

Answered by RYANTADIPARTHI [earned 5 cycles]
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Tr making easy first, since it;s Easy. But sure, making all of them would be good too

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Thank you guys for replying! I'll try it out! Thanks!

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Make all 3!

You can make a repl where you first have a menu and you can choose what difficulty you want! Like

[1] Easy [2] Normal [3] Hard

And the user has to choose. Then at the end, they can go back and take another quiz in a different difficulty!

BTw if you need some ideas for quiz:

  • harry potter
  • star wars
  • lord of the rings
  • coding languages quiz (python, C++, C#, JS, C, LOLCODE, ruby, HTML CSS, etc.)
  • movie quiz
  • idiot quiz
  • mature quiz
  • apple products quiz
  • quiz
  • percy jackson quiz
  • video game quiz (Among us, fifa, COD, CS GO, GTA, etc.)

Good luck! ;)