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How to get os.environ['SECRET'] working for other users?

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I have been trying to get a program to work in Replit apps with secrets contained in it, like in this example.
But as you can see, it raises KeyError as if the secret's key is wrong. This works completely fine for me when I'm logged in.
I read the documentation for this, but it doesn't make sense that an unedited version of the code would restrict the use of secrets.
Am I missing something obvious?

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Answered by CosmicBear [earned 5 cycles]
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I wanted to make a program that lets the user scrape Reddit for post info on their own. I guess in hindsight it was kind of pointless to link my entire account to a public program if I wanted to keep the keys a secret. I have since then changed it so that you have to put in your own keys to get the scraping functionality.