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Can we make iOS or Android apps using replit
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Is there a way to pragram iOS or Android apps using replit.
I've been programming for quite a while and ive made a few apps using android studio. I there a way to make apps on replit.

Thank you :)

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Answered by SixBeeps [earned 5 cycles]
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I still ask myself this question. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but for some reason, my applications do not pass verification when I try to upload them to the Play market. The only thing that pleases me is that there are no problems with the service. I don't understand what I did wrong for android users, but I think the problem is clearly in some parts of the code. I would like to use some applications since programming is too long and challenging. Plus, now it's almost impossible to distinguish an application that is written in code from one that was created with the help of special services